The Arab teams are working on increasing standards to compete in global tournaments. 

The Saudi national & Kuwaiti women’s fencing team arrived in Qatar for a training camp at Fencing Training Hall (Al-Mamoura) & Aspire Academy in Doha alongside its Qatari and Kuwaiti counterparts.

The Saudi team consists of 10 women: Leenn Al-Fozan, Aya Ammar, Yasmine Al-Sabban, Anahid Al-Khaibri, Dana Al-Qassem, Dai Al-Amiri, Laila Firas, Jana Al-Qudmani, Fawzia Al-Khaibri, and Yara Al-Faraidhi.

The Kuwaiti team consists of 4 women: Farah Yaqoub, Farah Majid, Aisha Saleh and Dalal Saleh along with their officials and companions

15 Qatari women’s fencing team is also taking part in the camp, which will focus on training in foil and epee until 29 December.

The training camp aims to boost the technical and physical standards of women fencers and provide them with more valuable experience ahead of major tournaments and competitions.

December 26, 2021

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