Interim President

    Position: Interim President Born : Joined: 2000

    2005 – to date: Secretary General of the Hellenic Olympic Committee Participation in 9 Summer Olympic Games in various capacities Participation in 4 Winter Olympic Games in various capacities Participation in 8 Mediterranean Games in various capacities Honorary Member of the International Fencing Federation (FIE) since 2004 Recipient of the Olympic Order of the International Olympic Committee since 2011 Member of the FIE Hall of Fame since 2013

  • AZE Erika


    Position: Representative of Executive Committee in the Medical Commission Born : Joined: 2008

    Experience FIE • 2008 – 2009, member of Women and Fencing Council • 2009 – 2012, member of Promotion and Publicity Commission • 2012 – Present, member of FIE Executive Committee


    Vice President

    Position: Supervisor in the Ethic Committee Born : Joined:

    HOBBIES • Fencing (epee), currently member of UK Lansdowne Club and actively training as a hobby. • Equestrian, running, golf. • Dance: Flamenco dance, Grupo Alandaluz, city of Panama, 2001-2011; Classical ballet, Teresa Mann Academy, city of Panama, 1990-1997; classical ballet, Ruffo Cholewa Academy, city of Panama, 1986-1989.