Qatar Fencing Federation honors the Volunteers of the Grand Prix 2022

The Qatar Fencing Federation held a ceremony to honor the AlRowad team for volunteer work, in contributed their efforts to the success for organizing the Fencing Grand Prix Qatar 2022, in the presence of Khalid Issa Al-Hamadi (Secretary General), Zamel Al-Shammari (Board Member) and Yahya Qasim (Head of Referee Committee).

Captain Mohamed Rabei, Aspire Trainer, and the medical committee from Al Azizia Medical Center, which included: Dr. Ahmed Alfi, Dr. Amira bin Rajab and Dr. Muhammad Al-Jazzar.. along with 80 male and female volunteers affiliated with the AlRowad Center, were honored.

Khalid Al-Hammadi said that the federation has been organizing the tournament for nearly 20 years, but the recent editions witnessed cooperation with the volunteer program, which proved the perfection of the perspective of the federation officials and they won the bet after everyone praised the organizational level, especially the officials of the International Federation who posted positive comments on the federation’s websites that confirmed their complete satisfaction and admiration level of volunteers.


Fozia Ali

February 21, 2022

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