Schools Olympic Program 8th Edition

The SOP, held since 2007, consists of multisport competition among schools in Qatar for students aged 5 to 18.

It aims to encourage an active and healthy lifestyle amongst young people, promote Olympic values and grow sports participation in Qatar.

In celebration of Simona's victory with the kids

Romania had some fans that celebrated along with a bunch of young fans as well and wanted to take a picture with Gold Medal winner Simona GHERMAN as they carried the Romanian flag behind them.

2014 Grand Prix Finalist with Chairman and CEO Main Sponsor

Gold medalist for the Qatar Grand Prix 2014 was JERENT Daniel of France with a win over his opponent BORSKY Peer of Switzerland at The Gate Mall (Salam International). The Gold Medal was handed to JERENT Daniel by the Chairman & CEO of Salam International, The Gate Mall Mr.

2014 Qatar Fencing Grand Prix Finals at The Gate Mall

Group Picture of our winners tonight at The Gate Mall (Salam International) of the 2014 Qatar Fencing Grand Prix Men's Epee.

2014 Qatar Fencing Grand Prix - Day 1

We have officially started the Grand Prix of the "One Series. Nine Cities" at the Aspire Dome at Sports City in Doha, Qatar.

Press Conference - Qatar Fencing Grand Prix Epee (Men & Women) at The Gate Mall

A Press Conference was held at The Gate Mall for Media for the upcoming 2014 Qatar Fencing Grand Prix epee for men and women taking place from 5-7 December, 2014.

Competition dates for men: 5 & 6 December, 2014
Competition dates for women: 6 & 7 December, 2014

FIE - New Website!

The International Fencing Federation officially announces the new website.

You can see the new website at

News: FIE FB Page

FIE Congress 2014

The annual Congress of the International Fencing Federation decided the host cities of several fencing Championships of the upcoming years. 132 out of 149 National Federations have enrolled for the Congress and more than 270 people attended.

President of QFF attends the FIE Congress in Rome, Italy

Today, the annual Congress of the FIE decided the host cities of several fencing Championships of the upcoming years:


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